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Rich vegetable fried rice

Ingredients: - 1 cup basmati rice(long grain), 1 cup chopped vegetables like carrot, beans, capsicum, 1 big onion, 2garlic flakes, 2 teaspoons soya sauce, 1 pinch ajinomoto, 1 teaspoon chilly sauce, 5 tablespoons oil and salt to taste.

Preparation time : - 25 minutes Serves : - 2

HOW TO PREPARE:- Finely chop the onion and the garlic flakes separately and set them aside. Wash the rice and drain the water completely. Take a pan and add the oil. Bring to heat nicely and then add the rice and sauté till the rice becomes semi crisp. Then add two cups water, salt to taste, cover it and cook till it’s done. The rice should not be sticky and should be separate from each other. Take a plate and put the cooked rice on it. Spread it evenly and let it cook. Take another pan and add some oil. When the oil is well heated add the onions and garlic and sauté till they turn golden brown. Then add the vegetables, a little salt and sauté for a while. When the vegetables are half done add the soya sauce and chilly sauce. Then add the rice and mix it all up nicely. The sauces should all blend evenly. Keep it on the flame for another five minutes and stir continuously or else the rice will begin to stick at the bottom of the pan. Remove from flame, garnish with roasted onions, cashew nuts and shreds of cabbage.

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