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Jam - Raspberry or Strawberry

  • 0: Read the tips at the bottom of this recipe!

  • 1: Wash and sterilize jars, flat part of lids, tongs, scoop, funnel by boiling in water for 5 min. Don’t let the seal part of the lids touch the bottom of the pot.

  • 2: crush berries with a potato masher and for every 3-5 cups of mashed berries add 1 cup of sugar and one packet of pectin.

  • 3: Heat to a boil, stirring constantly.

  • 4: cook at a boil for 2 min for strawberries and 10 minutes for raspberries, stirring regularly.

  • 5: pour jam into jars, leaving 1/3 inch of space between the top of the berries and the top of the jar. Put flat part of lid on jars and screw on the round things.

  • 6: Boil full jars in hot water for 5 min with the lid on securely, to melt the seal on the lids. Water should cover the bottom 3/4 of the jars.

  • 7: Take jars out and put them on a cooling rack. After an hour or so the lids should pop down, indicating that the jars are sealed.

  • 8: wait until they cool, then store sealed jars at room temperature. Put any jars that didn’t seal in the freezer, or eat them first.


  • use jars of all the same height so the water comes up to the same level on every jar,

  • use jars of different volumes so that you can have as little leftover jam as possible

  • lids can be used 3-4 times, unless they have cracks in the brown seal, or scratches on the bottom (these last can allow bacteria in).

  • don’t move or open jars as they are cooling, as this could disrupt the setting process

  • a funnel helps with pouring the jam into the jars quickly

  • don’t get any jam on the rims of the jars, this could prevent the seal from forming

  • make sure boiling water won’t overflow full jars or move the lids while the seals are softening.

  • Use a large pot relative to the amount of berries. Volume increases by half very quickly when the mixture comes to a boil.

  • Make sure your tongs can pick up a full hot jar without touching the lid

  • Good Luck!


1 Response to Jam - Raspberry or Strawberry
Claudia says:

Great recipe, Leanna, very detailed description! My only hesitation would be about re-using the lids… it would be a pity to lose jam because of lids that don’t seal, so at 20 cents each (or so), you might want to consider using new…

2011-07-18 17:09:37 -0700